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Create a project proposal and deliver a working system to an industry client. Through feedback from weekly client meetings, develop e-commerce website and make adjustments as needed. In addition, create an instruction manual for client to make future changes without aid.

In this project, I learn Liquid language used in Shopify themes and apply knowledge to make changes, determined most applicable tutorials needed in instruction manual through research, and aided in writing and proofreading 41 page instruction manual.

The team worked on two new key features, a recently viewed section and a SKU generation webhook that generate a SKU for an item based off its tags and a master excel file.


Task include:

    • Determine project requirements.
    • Plan and schedule project work tasks.
    • Design a system that meets the documented requirements.
    • Implement a system that has been designed.
    • Test and deliver a working system to an industry client.


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